Skydive 4 Charity Terms and Conditions (last updated March 2019).

1. Registration Fee / Registration Number: Each fundraiser must complete the online Charity Tandem Skydive Registration Form before paying the registration fee. The online registration form is the only method of registering with Skydive4Charity. A €25.00 fee must be paid per fundraiser before the Sponsorship Welcome Pack is sent out by email. This fee is nonrefundable. Each registered fundraiser who has paid the registration fee is issued a unique Registration Number. Once registered and the registration number assigned, each fundraiser must ensure this unique Registration Number is quoted on all correspondence and payments including the online donation form, contact form, bank transfers and all other communications. This ensures that the fundraisers raised funds are credited and allocated correctly. It is the responsibility of the fundraiser to ensure that they, and anyone sponsoring them, are aware of the registration number and the requirement to use it on all correspondence.

1.1 Contact: The full contact details (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) must be provided to Skydive 4 Charity on the Charity Tandem Skydive Registration Form for each person to receive a Sponsorship Welcome Pack. The Charity/Cause to benefit from fundraising must be nominated at the time of registration.

1.2 Sponsorship Welcome Pack: Upon successful completion of the online registration form and successful payment of the registration fee, the fundraiser will receive an email from Skydive4Charity:

  • confirming receipt of the registration fee
  • -confirmation of all details submitted on the Charity Tandem Skydive Registration Form, including the Charity/Cause for which the funds are being raised and the fundraisers unique Registration Number.
  • A Skydive 4 Charity Sponsorship Card (.pdf) with the Fundraisers name, their chosen Charity/Cause and unique Registration Number pre-printed on the Sponsorship Card (pdf),
  • links to website content to assist with their fundraising efforts
  • links to these these Terms And Conditions
  • account details for funds transfers to Skydive4Charity via BIC / IBAN.

The Welcome email and personalised Sponsorship Card (pdf) will be emailed to the email address provided on the registration form. PayPal will issue a separate receipt by email to the PayPal email address used at the time of payment.

1.3 Fundraising: Each fundraiser must raise a minimum of €450 – this covers €250 for the skydive and €200 for the chosen charity/cause. If, however, the fundraiser raises less than €450 but more than €250, they must contact Skydive4Charity who will seek permission from the chosen charity/cause for the fundraiser to proceed with the Tandem Skydive (Parachute Jump). If the fundraiser raises less than €450 this will mean the charity will only get the amount over €250, for example if €350 is raised, the charity/cause of choice will get €100. Another instance would be if the fundraiser raises less than €250 they will not have sufficient funding to do a Tandem Skydive (Parachute Jump) in aid of their chosen charity/cause. In this instance, the fundraiser can either return the money to their sponsors, or, if their sponsors still wish the chosen charity/cause to benefit, whatever money has been raised can be transferred to Skydive4Charity who will forward the funds to the chosen charity/cause without any fee for a skydive being deducted. The standard fundraising period is 13 weeks and this should always be the fundraisers deadline. Extensions are exceptions.

1.4 Skydive Date and Follow up: To secure the skydive date, Skydive 4 Charity will book the fundraiser into an IAA Approved Parachute Centre on a date agreed only when the fundraiser pays either €450 (this covers the €250 for the Tandem Skydive and €200 for the charity/cause of choice) or by paying €250 with a view to having the additional €200+ raised at least 10 calendar days in advance of the chosen Skydive date. The Fundraiser will have 2 weeks from the date of their Skydive to collect all outstanding sponsored funds over the €450. The Fundraiser must arrange to transfer all outstanding funds to Skydive 4 Charity by one of the approved methods. This will then be forwarded to the chosen charity/cause. After 12 months from your initial skydive booking date, your skydive becomes invalid.

1.5 Confirmation And Transparency: Where a fundraiser is sponsored or the fundraiser completes a funds transfer using our Online Donation facility, the fundraiser will receive email confirmation where the fundraisers email has been provided at the time of the online donation. If €450.00 is raised, the Charity/Cause will receive a minimum of €200.00. Upon completion of all fundraising, Skydive 4 Charity will: 1) forward payment to the Fundraisers chosen charity and 2) provide details, by email, of the total amount raised to both the fundraiser and the chosen charity.

1.6 Confidentiality / Online Security : The Skydive4Charity.ie website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to ensure that all information provided anywhere on our website is protected and secure. Being an SSL-secured website ensures that all information submitted on our website is totally secure and confidential and is only ever transmitted in encrypted form. PayPal, the payment provider we use, also uses SSL, with an encryption key length of 128-bits, the highest level commercially available.

1.7 Payment / Transfer of Funds / Processing Fees: Skydive4Charity provides an Online Donation facility which enables sponsors to pay their sponsorship pledges and fundraisers to transfer their raised funds quickly and easily. All payment options are available on our Payment Options page. We do not accept cheques. Fees may be applicable depending on how the funds are transferred. All donations completed using our Online Donation facility incur a flat fee of 6.95% which is deducted from the amount of the donation. The balance of the donation amount is credited to the fundraising account of the fundraiser. This includes PayPal payment processing fees. Direct funds transfers, Bank Drafts and Postal Orders do not incur a fee.

2. Parachute Centre/s: The Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre are a separate entity, company and business from Skydive 4 Charity. We accept no liability whatsoever arising from any injury, however caused, as a result of any activity that the Fundraiser participates in before, during or after their tandem skydive and/or whilst the Fundraiser is on the premises of the participating Parachute Centre. We at Skydive 4 Charity provide services to facilitate fundraising, funds collection and transfer, facilitating charity registration and the initial booking of the fundraisers tandem skydive date with the Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre. The responsibility for the actual skydive is with the Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre.

2.1 Postponement or Cancellation: Skydive 4 Charity will not be liable for any damage or loss to the Fundraiser whereby such damage or loss arises from the actions or non-actions of the Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre leading to postponement and/or cancellation of any Skydive which has been agreed between the Fundraiser, Skydive 4 Charity and the Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre.

2.2 Participating Parachute Centre/s: The details of the Participating Parachute/Skydive Centre(s) are available on our contact page.

2.3 Age & Weight: As of 5th March 2019, due to a Policy change by the Participating Skydive Centre, our terms have changed regarding age limits. Effective 5th March 2019 we no longer accept registrations from anyone under 18 years of age, regardless of Parental or Guardian consent. Therefore anyone registering with Skydive4Charity.ie must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration (not at the time of the skydive).

If 50 or over, a letter of fitness Must be provided by your Doctor. Weight limit is 16 Stone (102 kg) per person. This is also based on BMI (Body Mass Index) if someone is 5 foot 8 inches and 16 stone then the Participating Parachute Centre cannot facilitate a skydive for that person.

3. Terms: Skydive 4 Charity reserve the right to modify, amend or change in any way these Terms and Conditions without notification to any party.