Register With Skydive4Charity

Anyone wishing to register with Skydive4Charity to do a Charity Tandem Skydive must first register and pay the Registration fee. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of completing the registration form.

Registering with Skydive4Charity:

There are 2 types of registration:

  1. Registrations for those completing an Individual charity tandem skydive who are not part of a wider fundraising group.
  2. Registrations for those completing a Group charity tandem skydive who are part of a wider fundraising group.

What’s the difference between each option?
– 1. An Individual is someone who is just registering on their own and is not part of any Individual who IS NOT part of any wider group fundraising effort.

– 2. This is someone who is registering themselves separately but is part of a larger group who are all jumping for the SAME charity on the SAME day. i.e. one Individual who IS part of a larger group
Note: If you are registering as part of a larger group, you MUST provide the Group name AND the name of your Group Organiser on the registration form.

Payment of Registration Fee
After completing and submitting the form you will be taken to PayPal to complete payment of the Registration of Registration Fee.

Payment of the Registration Fee is required upon submission of the Registration Form.

Your Registration is not complete until you complete payment.

An unsuccessful payment attempt will result in the requirement to submit the form again.

The Registration fee is non-refundable.

A PayPal Account is not required to pay with PayPal.

What next?
After successful completion of the registration form and payment of the Registration Fee, you will receive a confirmation email which includes all the necessary details about next steps, fundraising, online donations etc.
Then, once you have raised funds of €250 of the minimum €450 target (per person) for your chosen charity, you can book your Tandem Skydive date. If you are registering as part of a group, your Group Organiser will arrange the date for the group with Skydive4Charity, who will all complete their skydive on the same day.

For more information, please use the links to the right or visit our How It Works and FAQ pages.

Individuals with queries can use our Contact Us page. If you are part of a group, you should first contact your Group Organiser with your query.