What are the Age / Weight / Height Limitations

Age: No Age Limits, however:

  • If under 18 you must gain permission from your Parent(s) / Legal Guardian(s) and your Parent(s) / Legal Guardian(s) must be present at The Parachute Centre on the day of your jump to sign necessary documentation.
  • If you are over 50 years of age, you must provide a letter of Fitness from your Doctor (not a copy). This must be presented by you on the day of your jump and be issued within 2 weeks prior to the day of your Skydive.

Weight: Limit is 16 Stone (225 lb) (102 kg) – with clothes and shoes BMI IS IMPORTANT: Please note that your height / weight ratio is also a factor. This is known as your Body Mass Index (BMI). Our online registration form calculates your BMI for you, based on the height / weight data you enter. BMI is equal to [your weight (in kilograms)] ÷ [your height (in metres) x your height (in metres)] If your BMI is greater than 29.9, unfortunately you may not be eligible to do a tandem skydive. Example: John weighs 13 stone 4 pounds (84.54 kg) and is 5 feet 10 inches (1.778 m) tall. To calculate his BMI: Weight

1 Stone = 14 pounds – so 13 stone, 4 pounds = 182 + 4 = 186 pounds in weight

Converting weight from pounds to kilograms (kg)

Weight (in pounds) ÷ 2.2 = weight (in kilograms) so 186 pounds ÷ 2.2 = 84.54 kilograms (kg)


1 foot = 12 inches so 5 feet, 10 inches = 60 + 10 = 70 inches

Converting height from inches to metres

Height (in inches) ÷ 39.37 = height (in metres) so 70 inches ÷ 39.37 = 1.778 m

Calculating Body Mass Index

Weight (in kilograms) ÷ [height (in meters) x height (in meters)] = BMI.

So in our example, Johns BMI is

84.54 kilograms ÷ (1.778 meters x 1.778 meters) = 26.75 BMI

Therefore John is eligible to do a tandem skydive.

Note: Whilst the BMI calculated on the date of you completing the charity skydive registration form indicates your eligibility to do a tandem skydive, if your BMI has increased to above the maximum threshold of 29.9 on the actual date of your tandem skydive, you may not be eligible to do your tandem skydive. It is the discretion of the participating parachute centre, not Skydive4Charity, to determine the eligibility of anyone doing a tandem skydive, on the date of the actual tandem skydive.  


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