Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that New Registrations are currently closed for 2019.

General Conditions

What are the Age & Weight Limitations?

Age: You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of submitting the registration form for a Charity Tandem Skydive.

If you are over 50 years of age You MUST produce a valid Letter of Fitness from your Doctor (not a copy) on the day of your skydive. The Letter of Fitness must be have been issued within 2 weeks of your skydive date.

Weight: Limit is 16 Stone (225 lb) (102 kg)


Raising Money For Your Charity

How Long Do I Have To Raise The Funds?
You have over 3 months (a full 13 weeks) from the time of receiving your Sponsorship Pack to the day of making your Skydive (Parachute Jump) but if you raise your funds quicker than this, of course you can Skydive when ever you wish Funds must be deposited a minimum of 10 calendar days before your agreed skydive date..


How Much Do I Have To Raise?
There is no upper limit to how much you can raise for your chosen charity. What we ask you to fundraise bearing in mind the Charity has to benefit is €450 although some charities will permit you to jump if you have raised less than this amount. You should only request a Sponsorship if you feel you can fundraise at least €450. The sky’s the limit though!


How Much Does My Charity Get?
The total cost of your Tandem Skydive (Parachute Jump) is €250.00. If you raise €450.00 your Charity/Cause receives a minimum of €200.00.


Are There Any Fees?
To register with Skydive4Charity, you must complete the online registration form and pay the €25.00 non-refundable registration fee. For donations and transfers of raised funds via our online donation facility, there is a 6% processing fee which includes all PayPal fees. Skydive4Charity provides non-fee incurring options for donations and transfers of raised funds. Please see our payment options page. 


What Happens If I Don't Raise My Requested Target of €450?
If you raise less than €450.00 get in touch with us and we will discuss your options with you. We are here to help you and the charity.


How Do I Get My Raised Funds To Skydive4Charity?
You and your sponsors can make donations via our Online Donations facility Please see our payment options page for more information on all methods for donations and funds transfers. Skydive 4 Charity will forward all collected funds to your chosen Charity. Both you and your chosen Charity will be notified via email with full details of monies raised, at the time we issue all collected funds to the Charity.


My Charity Isn't Listed - Can I Skydive In Aid Of Them Anyway?
We have over 100 charities registered with Skydiv4Charity. You can browse them here.If you have a particular charity, cause or club in mind and it’s not yet listed, it may be possible to accommodate your wish. Our list of affiliated charities is ever-increasing and we’re always delighted to welcome new charities on board. All charities and causes must apply to be listed on by completing our Charity Registration Form. If a charity / cause is not registered and listed on, you cannot do a charity tandem skydive for them until they have registered with us using this form


What Can I Expect During My Skydive?

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?
It happens and skydiving is very much weather- dependent. But that’s not your fault! So, if it happens that on the day of your scheduled charity skydive the weather is bad you can simply re-book at the Participating Parachute Center for a different date that is suitable to you.

IMPORTANT: Please read this important information regarding rebooking your skydive.


What Should I Wear?
No need to dress up! Casual, comfortable clothes and runners  / flat shoes are recommended but remember it can be cold and showery so dress appropriately. You will be provided with a jumpsuit on the day. Long hair must be tied back.


How Will I Know What To Do?
You don’t have to worry about a full day’s training or operating any of the equipment. Your Tandem Master takes care of everything. Each tandem skydiver receives full instructions and guidance from their Fully Qualified Tandem Master in advance of their skydive. This is a prerequisite to all tandem skydives. We take your safety (and ours!) VERY seriously. Please visit our YouTube Channel where you can see 100’s of our satisfied Tandem Skydivers. You can also read more here and watch the video on that page. There are really just 3 things to remember: 1. Head back during exit 2. Head back, arms out & legs back in freefall 3. Legs up for landing

1. Head back during exit
2. Head back, arms out and legs back during freefall
3. Legs up for landing


What Happens If The Parachute Doesn't Open?
The parachute technology we use is of the highest safety standards. Our systems are built with safety in mind and of course meet the required safety standards, designed to get you to the ground safe and sound! In the rare and unlikely event of a difficulty occurring with the main canopy (parachute), your professional tandem instructor will simply use the reserve parachute. In addition, all tandem parachute systems are fitted with an Automatic Activation Device that automatically opens the reserve parachute if the main parachute has not been deployed.


Should I Take Out Insurance?
It is recommended that all skydivers, new and experienced, have sufficient insurance cover. It is important to remember that your existing health cover, if any, may not cover such an activity as skydiving. It is the responsibility of the tandem skydiver to determine their own insurance requirements and we do not make any recommendations regarding insurance cover providers. NB: It is your responsibility to make sure any policy you take out with any provider meets your needs.


Booking / Re-Booking / Re-Scheduling Your Skydive

How Do I Book My Skydive?
You must pay a non-refundable €25 registration fee. You have to register here and pay your registration fee. Then you raise funds and when you have a minimum of €250 of the target €450 raised you can book a date for your skydive. All funds raised above €250 go directly to the charity. For full details visit our How It Works page.


How Do I Re-Book / Re-Schedule My Skydive?
Skydive4Charity will book you into the Participating Parachute Centre for your initial agreed skydive date only.

Once booked in, if your date has to be changed or re-scheduled for any reason whatsoever, whether due to inclement weather,  your own personal reasons, for operational reasons cited by the Participating Parachute Centre , it is your responsibility to contact the Participating Parachute Centre directly to re-book / re-schedule your skydive date. You can find their contact information here.

Please do not contact Skydive4Charity as we cannot change the date.


How Long Do I Have To Complete My Skydive?
The Participating Parachute Centre currently has a strict policy whereby you must complete your tandem skydive within a maximum of 12 calendar months from the initial booked date for your tandem skydive.

For example, Skydive4Charity initially books you for your tandem skydive with the Participating Parachute Centre on your agreed date of 11th May 2019. The current policy of the Participating Parachute Centre is that you must have completed your tandem skydive by 11th May 2020. The Participating Parachute Centre is responsible for your skydive. Skydive4Charity does not operate the Participating Parachute Centre and has no control over their Policies an/or Terms And Conditions.

Typically, tandem skydive cancellations due to bad weather, personal, operational or other circumstances can be rescheduled. However, it is ultimately the decision and policy of the Participating Parachute Centre, over which Skydive4Charity has no control. All requests and queries relating to re-booking / re-scheduling must be made directly to the Participating Parachute Centre.