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Ethiopia Deaf Project

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After four years of planning, fundraising and crossing of fingers, the Ambo School for Deaf Children was officially opened on the 30th Dec 2012. Employing five fully qualified teachers of the Deaf, ( 3 of whom are deaf) the school offered places to the older Deaf children in the area A recent visit to the school by members of the Ethiopia Deaf Project confirmed that the school has helped to transform the lives of these children and offer them a real sense of identity and hope.

We recently went on a self-funded visit to Ambo and have seen first-hand where the money has gone and trust me when I say; You have helped change to lives of so many.

The change that this school has brought to the life of these young deaf students is vast. When we first meet these children in 2010 they would barely lift their head, never mind say smile, well as you can see from the photo’s this is no longer the case. They are so happy and proud to be learning.

We have sisters in one class aged 18 and 20 who sit in a class with 10 year olds. These 2 sisters live in a room (house) approx. 5ft x 8ft. This is where they eat, sleep, do their homework etc. Their family no longer want to support them and want them to return to the countryside but they are refusing. They want to get an education, to make something of their life.

These are only an example of many.
On our visit a father came to us with his 2 deaf children age 6 and 8. He was requesting that we sponsor them in the form of paying the rent on a room, similar to the one described above. He was so obviously embarrassed that he had to ask us but he explained that in the countryside his children would be treated the same or even lower that the cattle. He wanted more for them. We agreed to sponsor them. So he returned to the countryside to get his 15 year old son who would now live in this room with the 2 children and be responsible for them. It is so hard to comprehend.

What you are doing by supporting the Ethiopia Deaf Project is helping us raise funds to further help these children. We sat down and spoke with the staff and students of the school; no one made unreasonable demands but expressed a desire for what were very genuine needs. This was done in the most apologetic way ever almost if they were afraid that we would think that they were ungrateful what had been done for them. The most humbling experience of my life!

No thanks will ever be enough but please know it is more than appreciated.

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