Please Note that New Registrations are currently closed for 2019.

  • Choose the Charity / Cause  to benefit from the Sponsored Tandem Skydive

  • You can register with us today here. You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registering. Registration Fee is €25.00 Per Person.

  • We send the individual Sponsor Card by email to your registered email address so fundraising can start immediately.

  • We also by email, immediately allocate you the individual Fundraiser Number and explain how to use this to gain online sponsorship.

  • Begin fundraising. The required minimum target is €450.00 (there’s no limit)

  • We agree a date for the Tandem Skydive and book you into the Participating Parachute Centre, after a minimum of €250.00 is transferred to us. The Participating Parachute Centre allows 12 months from the initial booked skydive date to complete the skydive in case of bad weather or other cancellations.

  • Transfer the balance of your sponsored funds to us at least 10 days prior to the skydive date.

  • After the Skydive is complete we send the balance of the Sponsored Funds to the nominated Charity / Cause less €250.00 which is the cost of the Skydive.


Paying The Registration Fee

To register a non-refundable registration fee of €25.00 is required. All €25.00 registration fees must be paid online. To pay the Registration Fee please follow these steps:

For participants (aged 18+) complete this online registration form (Charity Skydive Registration Form) BEFORE you pay your fee.

When you complete and submit the online registration form you will immediately be taken to PayPal to pay your Registration fee.

Upon successful payment, you will receive an email with all the details including a unique Registration Number. This number must be quoted on all correspondence including all future donations by other sponsers and all fund transfers to us.

Booking The Tandem Skydive

To Book a date for the Tandem Skydive, we require payment of  a minimum of €250 of the target €450, or more has been raised and collected.

We then require payment of the balance of the €450.00 minimum (or more if more has been raised). This balance must be transferred to us at least 10 calendar days prior to the Tandem Skydive date.

In order to facilitate those sponsors who may not pay their sponsorship until after the Tandem Skydive is completed, we permit up to 2 weeks after the Skydive date to collect and pay all outstanding sponsorship monies.

Paying Your Charity

After you have transferred all your sponsored funds to us, Skydive 4 Charity will then forward all collected funds to your chosen Charity..

Both you (or your group organiser) and your chosen Charity will be notified via email with full details of funds raised, at the time we issue all collected funds to the Charity.

Taking Donations & Transferring Money

Funds may be transferred:

  • Using our online donation facility. For details of all payment options please see our payment options page.
  • By Bank Transfer direct to our account (details are emailed to your registered email address after registration).  This method is free so whatever is transferred is credited to the account in full.

  • By Bank Draft or Postal Order. This method also has no fees, made out to Skydive 4 Charity and sent to the address provided here.

We do not accept cash or cheques.

The Skydive date can be booked once you have transferred €250.00 of the minimum €450 target to your fundraising balance. Please note that any remaining funds must NOT be brought to the Participating Parachute Centre on the day of the Skydive. Your minimum must be paid 10 days before the initial scheduled skydive date. We cannot accept cash or cheques on the day of your skydive. Please see our payment methods.